Our Passion

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Who is Frankincense & Herbs?

Frankincense and myrrh has been a sacred aromatic healing combination for centuries, prized for their ability to sanitize, fight inflammation and relieve pain. Frankincense & Herbs is working hard to live up to this world famous duo. We’re a family owned and operated company that wants to help you heal yourself from the inside out. We help you care for your largest organ, your skin. Organic skin care is the goal, so that the outside can shine as brilliantly as your inside. We encourage you to live your best life, after all, it is your most precious gift. You only get one body, so be good to yourself.

All of our products are made from high quality all natural ingredients. This means that you’re giving your body something truly beneficial that can help promote your holistic wellness. What does that mean? It means that the absence of artificial and toxic ingredients won’t leave you needing to recover from your personal care routine. It means that you can begin to detoxify your skin and hair.

We currently have a lotion bar for bug bites in the works as well as fun lip balm flavors and a whipped shea hair pomade. Check back soon as we are still in the testing phase. So far I’m loving the look and feel of my son’s hair. And I have yet to get a bug bite while working in our garden (neither have my children). For now our herbal salve for bug bites and soothing bath bombs will make you smile.

Our Story

Frankincense & Herbs started with a DIY project and an oil infusing class at a local herbal wellness shop. The instruction and information I received in that small classroom kindled a tiny spark into a larger flame. Once I shared my new ideas and goal with my family, they were totally on board. And now, even they too are part of the effort to bring you healthy herbal remedies and an organic skin care routine that we hope will transform the way you think about caring for yourself and your family.

My oldest daughter is really into bath bombs and “lip stuff,” as we call it, so to allow her to stretch her entrepreneurial muscles and massage her creativity, she is the lead consultant on our lip balms and bath bombs. She’s so excited about bringing you two things that really give her so much joy. My two girls test and approve all bath bombs, lip balms and lotion bars (they can be pretty tough critics), and hopefully you will too.

I’ve always been a healer of sorts. When I was a child I wanted to be a neonatologist, and take care of all the little newborns. Now, I am more interested in folk medicine and herbalism–holistic wellness. I must say that I am not a doctor or a trained medical professional. Frankincense & Herbs doesn’t give medical advice either, but we do offer the wisdom of the earth, the science of our ancestors, not that of modern medicine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage your physical health and wellness and support your personal journey. That’s why our products contain safe and completely natural ingredients. You won’t find any toxins and strange synthetic ingredients. Frankincense & Herbs is changing the way you care for your body from the unseen out. We want to create a space to nurture ourselves in holistic ways that bring wellness and truth. We offer words of affirmation to encourage you to continue growing and learning, just as we do everyday. Everyone’s personal journey is different, and if we can be of any help to you we are honored and grateful.

The information we share in our blog is purely educational and is not FDA, CDC, AMA or otherwise government approved. What we are sharing with you is information we have found in books and articles that are not thought of as medical. We are firm believers in the body’s ability to heal itself when it is given the proper fuel to do so. We trust in this good Earth, because it’s the earth, the moon and the sun that supports us.

Our company promotes drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fruits and veggies, letting the sunshine touch our bodies, eliminating/reducing the amount of animal products we eat, physical activity and meditation. Don’t worry, this is a judgement-free zone. We know that change and forming healthy habits takes time and a willing spirit. Take your time and do what you can. Cold turkey isn’t always the best way to break a habit. We’re just hoping that your visit here today is one step of many towards living a healthier lifestyle.


Also, the information that is shared with you on frankincense & herbs should not be substituted for medical advice. Please see your physician if you have any medical conditions or if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are unsure about any of the herbs or essential oils used in our products. Information found on our website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.