Herbal Wellness and Natural Skin Care Remedies

Natural skin care remedies at Frankincense & Herbs is a family affair. Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, has a role to play in bringing you our finest most effective organic skin care offerings. We work together to come up with high quality herbal skin remedies that will make you feel like a newer and improved you. It is our hope that when you feel this good on the outside, you will do the work to feel this good on the inside. We have bath bombs that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and your mind at ease. We have body scrubs to smooth out those rough patches and an herbal salve to banish severe dry skin, sore muscles and achy joints, and lotion bars that are great when you’re on the go. Organic skin care is the goal, because chemicals and pesticides don’t belong in your personal care routine. It’s natural skin care for your finest you.

Stat tuned for new items. Herb infused whipped shea hair pomade and lotion bars for bug bites are in the testing phase. Things are looking promising.

natural skin care remedies

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