Green Tea for Two Lotion Bar


Green Tea Lotion Bar

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Green Tea for Two is a premium lotion bar that soothes and heals dry skin. Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory that can reduce the appearance of scars, aging and it can help restore the skin’s elasticity. Our green tea lotion bar is made with 100% organic beeswax and geranium essential oil to seal in moisture, leaving you with beautifully radiant skin. Geranium essential oil is a natural anti-bacterial and it conditions tired skin. The hardness of these lotion bars means that they last quite a while. And the little nubs give you a quick and gentle massage so you’re moisturized, relaxed and ready to tackle your next task. These bars have a very light but pleasant scent. This is truly a unisex item that won’t interfere with your usual body fragrance.

They’re great to pack in your purse, backpack or diaper bag. Try placing them near the sink to banish dish pan hands or in the bathroom. Simply rub it on the desired area for a quick massage. You’ll go from ashy to classy with no fuss at all.

May you always find something great to do with your hands.


Made With Your Wellness In Mind

Mango Butter*, Unrefined Raw Shea Butter, Beeswax*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil, Matcha*, Arrowroot Powder*, Essential Oil Blend

*USDA Organic

Always Non-GMO

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