Summertime Anti-Itch and Bug Repellent Bar


Anti-itch Bug-be-Gone Lotion Bar

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This bug repellent bar is amazing! It is very effective against mosquitoes and other annoying nibblers that would ruin an otherwise lovely summer’s day. Rub it on before a trip to the garden or fun in the sun. A proprietary blend of essential oils includes, catnip, citronella, patchouli, cedarwood, litsea cubea, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree to keep mosquitoes at a distance. Children tolerate this lotion bar just as well as adults. It has a lightly citrus smell with some earthy undertones. It is not as strong a smell as many commercially available bug repellents, but we have found it to be very effective for extended periods of time. Summertime even remained effective during water play. mosquito repellent

Our Summertime lotion bar is very easy to apply. Simply rub the bug repellent lotion bar on your skin and go on with enjoying the outdoors. If you only have one hand available, these are great. You don’t even have to massage it in. It’s made to moisturize and soothe, as well as combat pesky little bites.

And should a determined mama mosquito ignore her aversion to lemongrass and citronella, this bar will stop the itch almost immediately. Thanks to organic oatmeal, plantain and chickweed, a case of the itchies doesn’t stand much of a chance against these lotion bars.


MadeĀ  With Your Wellness In Mind

Shea Butter*, Mango Butter*, Beeswax*, Grapeseed and Sunflower Seed Oil* Infused with Chickweed* and Plantain*, Colloidal Oatmeal*, Arrowroot Powder*, Essential Oil Blend.

*USDA Organic

Always non-GMO


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