Water: The Prevention and The Cure

It’s World Water Day! The theme for 2018 is Nature for Water. With this in mind I’m going all water today. No tea, no stealing a sip of my little humans’ juice (I call it the opener’s/pourer’s fee), no glass of wine. I’m also going to drink 108 ounces of the good stuff today. Cheers!

In our homeschool, we are going to explore how nature and water work together. The plan was to start our garden, but the weather in the mid-Atlantic states has been crazy to say the least this winter. Instead I think we will create a small ecosystem in a jar or pan, so that my littles can see how the water is connected beyond the plants needing it to survive. The connection is so much deeper.

We use the wet stuff everyday. We brush our teeth with it, make coffee and tea with it, bathe with it, watch it fall from the sky… It is the sky. In more developed areas, we don’t give water too much thought. It’s all around us and that’s just the way it is. We don’t think about those who have to walk miles to a river or waterhole to get a day’s supply of water, nor do we think of families lined up at a well or water pump.water

Water is a basic need and a basic right. As responsible Earth citizens it is our duty to care about what happens to our fellow man. Without it, they die, they are sick, they suffer. I can’t not do anything about it. That’s why frankincense & herbs supports charity: water. They use 100% of donations towards getting clean water to those in need. A portion of our profits go towards helping those who don’t have access to clean water.

Around the Globe

When the news broke that the water in Flint, Michigan was unfit to even bathe with, I was disgusted. I thought, “This is the United States, where we pay for water and the maintenance of municipal water facilities, yet this community has been purposely supplied with substandard and dangerous water.” I don’t understand how this was swept under the rug once the problem came to the attention of those in power. I do know that people in disadvantaged neighborhoods all over this country have substandard water and ailing water supply facilities. What happened and is still happening in Flint is not an isolated situation. Sad. Infuriating.

In some “developing” countries, it’s almost a full-time job getting drinking water. Imagine walking several miles or having to wait in lines for water twice a day no matter the weather. In some places, drinking the available water is a crap shoot, and many people are made sick instead of well from the water. Ever been told not to drink the water while traveling internationally? Trash and sewage logged waterways mean sad and endangered wildlife. Not enough water means inadequate food. Unfortunately this is life for many people.

Use water responsibly and do something on behalf of those who don’t have the adequate access to it.


The role that water plays in each of our lives is integral to our survival. Our bodies are about 65% water, and needs it to function properly. It is essential to plant growth, climate and ecosystems. Even the desert needs it to sustain life. Without this basic building block of life, we all shrivel up and die. This planet ceases to exist as we know it. We have to maintain this delicate balance because our lives depend on it. You with me?water

Diseases are spread because of filthy water. Ever heard of Cholera? Growing enough food requires water. Raising healthy babies, preserving our elders… These goals need water. It’s that simple, “Just add water.” You’ll be surprised at how much your quality of life can improve with this miracle wet stuff. Being “poor” or “disadvantaged” is far from being cheap. What can you do to make a difference?


As far as your health is concerned, you’re not as healthy as you think. Vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, gym rat, it doesn’t matter. Without water, you’re not doing all that you think you’re doing. Here’s a few ways you can squeeze more water into your day.

  • Before your morning cup of coffee, tea, juice… Drink water!
  • Before you eat or while you wait for your food to cook/warm up… Drink water.
  • Before you take a bath or shower… Drink water.
  • Take a bottle of water to work so you can stay hydrated. If you don’t like water, try an infusion water bottle. You can put whatever herbs or fruits in it for a hint of flavor.
  • Before you go to bed, right after you brush your teeth… Drink water.
  • Replace at least one of your flavored beverages with water.

That’s at least 6 glasses of water right there. You’re going to see yourself winning super big by drinking more. It’s definitely science that drinking enough water helps your body to do its job better. Here are a few changes you may notice when you drink more water.

  • Reduced constipation
  • Increased skin elasticity and tone
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased bloating and inflammation
  • Better organ function

Now, I’m not lecturing, I just want to see you live your best and fullest life, but it’s all up to you. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not drinking enough water, just keep trying. On this World Water Day, drink up and donate to a water charity so that someone else can safely do the same. It’s all about fulfilling purpose, giving and spreading love.